Airport Services

Furthering successful dealings with our American Airport transmission supply, Queensbridge now offers its service to the UK airport ground support operators.

With specific and in depth knowledge, we have the ability to offer service exchange units or the repair of your units for the large variations of transmissions and drivelines (i.e Douglas, Reliance Mercury, Schopf, Borg Warner, Funk, ZF, etc).

Diagnostics play a major part of todays modern vehicles. Faults within the transmission can often be attributed to the vehicle, and with the refitment of the unit after repair the underlying fault could still be there. Queensbridge offers fault diagnosis prior to the removal of the unit in order to elimate any further problems. As with our PSV units we can also offer nationwide fitment and commision of any product.

Queensbridge can satisfy the majority of your needs.

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Airport Services

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