Allison Transmissions is a division of the General Motors Coporation, the American motor giant.

Although the Allison MT600, and HT700 transmission series have found popularity in certain applications, it is the AT500 series which has found almost universal application by the UKs producers of single deck vehicles with a maximum net input torque of 405 LB/FT (549Nm). Such vehicle manufacturers include Dennis, Mercedes and Optare.

Originally intended for the USA school bus and motor home market, the transmission offers four forward speeds with fully automatic gear shifts within them; it is both light and compact.

Amongst UK vehicle manufacturers the AT500 series has largely been replaced with the B300R World Series, and more recently the 2000/T280 series.

Allison AT545 transmissions rebuilt by Queensbridge incoporate uprated mainshafts, 290 spec torque convertors, deep sumps and the seven bolt fixing oil pumps.

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