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Rear axle, differential, and final drive design and technology has advanced dramatically during the past decade's with traditional manufactures e.g. Rockwell, Hamworthy, Kirkstall, GKN, Eaton, Leyland, and Volvo either disappearing or becoming much less of a market force in the P.S.V. industry.

Queensbridge are in the unique position of having the skills, experience and facilities to rebuild the very latest ZF drop centre driving axles whilst retaining the ability, and parts, to undertake the repair and rebuild of the older type units.

Significantly the skill doesn't end with the axle rebuild - the associated braking system is a critical safety area where original maker standards, parts, and procedures are insisted upon by the Queensbridge quality standards.

Queensbridge rebuilds, stocks, and supplies bare and complete rear axle assemblies, differentials, and associated units for most of the vehicles in today's bus and coach operation.

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