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A wide range of diverse skills are employed by our gearbox shop technicians to facilitate the rebuild of virtually all gearbox and transmission types in service with U.K. bus and coach operators.

These can be identified into the following three groups;

a) Fully automatic transmission manufactured by ZF, Voith, and Allison, and fitted to the entire range of recent and current production vehicles.

b) Epicyclic gearboxes both pneumocyclic (air controlled) and hydracyclic (oil controlled) as originally fitted by Leyland, Daimler, Volvo, Bristol and A.E.C. Many of these order vehicles remain in U.K. and overseas service and Queensbridge remains the principal rebuilder and supplier.

c) Manual gearboxes, with and without range change or splitter as fitted by many various coach and truck manufacturers. Queensbridge rebuilds and stocks manual gearboxes produced by Eaton, Mercedes, Volvo, ZF and others.

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