The Voith DIWA range of transmissions were introduced into the UK bus markets as far back as the 1970s when both Dennis (Dominator) and MCW (Metrobus) included them in there new bus build specification.

During the years since then most European manufacturers of heavy, quality vehicles have offered the Voith range as an alternative to the equally impressive ZF range, in both straight through and angle drive versions.

The modern Voith transmissions incoporate a C.A.N data link enabling the engine control unit and the gearbox control unit to interface in order to achieve the optimum levels of performance, fuel economy and emissions.

Queensbridge PSV uses the latest DIWAgnosis system, which reads faults from the transmission, via the ECU, providing a complete health check of the unit. It also allows the unit fault memory to be cleared after rectification.

Our fully remanufactured units carry a 36 month warranty.

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